THE GLACIER FOOTPRINTS - the film journey through the unknown world

"THE GLACIER FOOTPRINTS" is the title of the first Polish educational film shot in 3D. This film is a part of an original educational project "Contemplator Mundi - to see in order to understand", basing on the use of advanced visualization techniques in education.

The film shows the unique in the European scale glacial underwater formations, so called walls, which reach a height of tens of meters. It was shot in the deepest lake in the Central European Lowlands - Hańcza. Preparations for the movie lasted one year and consisted of deep structural studies by structure sonar. At that time there was made a unique "sonography" of the section acros whole lake (!) with dimensions of 700 x 108 meters. The authors captured the giant schools of fish with a length of 300 meters. These are the first and only pictures of such type in Poland.

Underwater work lasted two weeks with the use of 3D cameras and underwater panoramic cameras, with a specially constructed for this occasion underwater lightning system. Most of the shots were done at depths to which sunlight can not reach.

Film postproduction lasted 5 months. The work with 3D was pioneere technique on the Polish market and was done by the authors themselves. The film had its premiere at the Festival "The Art of Nature" in Torun, in December 2011.

Projections: Individuals and institutions interested in organizing a film show in 3D or 2D technique, please contact:

Paweł i Joanna Szpygiel

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